The Advantages of Urethane Coatings over Epoxy Coatings

There has always been a debate going on where the question of which topcoat is the more proper one; an epoxy topcoat or a urethane topcoat. After extensive use in the field, and also after running numerous tests, it has emerged that urethane coatings are the more superior of the two. It shall have a longer shelf life than what an epoxy coating can manage. It is therefore not sensible to see why people still go for an epoxy topcoat in their materials, such as in metal fabrication. Check out to learn more. 

Epoxies have certain disadvantages when compared to urethane coatings. Epoxies shall with time chalk. This shall be observed when the fabricated metal product is in use in the field; the coating will rub or peel off whenever people or other objects come into contact with it. If, for example, you have a large metal water tank from which water has to be drawn all the time, you will notice the point at which people come into contact with the tank will start to lose its top coat. But if you put a tank with a urethane top coat in a similar position, it shall retain its top coat, regarding color and gloss, no matter how long people rub against it. The tank shall thus be better protected from the effects of the elements in the environment. This is something you'll want to learn more about.

Epoxy coatings also tend to discolor through yellowing when exposed to outside environmental conditions. It may take a while, but time will come when it shall. Urethane coatings cannot seem to be affected by the outdoor environmental conditions this way.

The only reasons that some people still go for epoxy coatings are their cheaper costs when compared to urethane ones. The epoxy coatings shall cost less, and will allow you to play the second coating much faster than if it was for urethane coatings. But of late, this argument is starting to lose ground. Urethane coatings are currently competitively priced. You only need to search around for rates that are similar to those of the epoxy coatings. The drying rates of these urethane coatings have also improved, with their speeds matching what epoxy coatings are capable of. In some cases, some materials shall react and dry faster with urethane than they would with epoxy coatings.

You may also find various self-priming urethanes and urethane-mastic coatings, which are epoxy coatings mixed with urethane to make one product. This leads to even better working characteristics. They are popularly applied to metal fabricated products. All these points make it clear than urethane coatings should be what you consider whenever you need a topcoat for your products. Here's how polymer beads are used in laundry applications: